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Casement Windows

Advance 70 Casement Windows
For windows, the Advance 70 System offers superb qualities that will exceed expectation in terms of performance, aesthetics and environmental issues.
This innovative system can be incorporated into new build as well as refurbishment schemes giving outstanding qualities and a superior overall finish to any project.
The five chamber system is designed to achieve high thermal efficiency standards that already surpass current government legislative requirements. It is thermally efficient, structurally compliant and visually pleasing. The chambered & sculptured profiles are traditional in style which provide great strength while hi-flow drainage eradicates issues that can occur due to adverse weather conditions.
This superior system, as the name would suggest, exceeds the highest industry standards and careful consideration has been given to future legislation by our design technicians.
The Advance 70 system can be manufactured into internally and externally glazed casements. We try to ensure that we lead by example in terms of product diversity and standards.
External and Internal Georgian bars – that snap in place giving a more authentic look than ‘in-unit’ alternatives.
Reduce production time.
Fast, efficient installation on site if required.
An easy up-sell to consumer, and a good way to get ahead in the new build market.
Available in woodgrain finishes as well as white.