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French Doors

Advance 70 French Doors
The Advance 70 french doors give a fully opening and secure entrance to any home whilst also providing superb thermal performance and aesthetics.
French doors are an alternative to patio or bi-folding doors and come with the choice of a chamfered or sculptured finish. They can be inward or outward opening depending on available space with a wide choice of colour options to suit the style of property.
The Advance 70 french doors have been designed to accept 24mm, 28mm and 40mm glass units and with security in mind.
Georgian bar can be added to the glass to create a traditional look to the french doors.
The Advance 70 Door System, which fully integrates with the window system, is a 70mm wide, five chamber profile that incorporates a number of key benefits including integral multi-function gaskets that act as both a weather seal and a glazing seal. The gaskets are inserted during the extrusion process to both simplify and reduce fabrication times.
70mm profile with a choice of chamfered or sculptured integrated systems
Open in or out styles available for a variety of installations
Dummy mullion allows full aperture openings
an be constructed for equal or non-equal split